Welcome to iFlyBigSky! Here at iFlyBigSky we strive to provide cutting edge photography to turn fleeting moments into everlasting memories. While our focus primarily resonates on aerial photography, we also provide services such as infrastructure inspection, search and rescue, as well as damage assessments. Our team is composed of editors, pilots and photographers. With the use of high end aerial drones and cameras, we are able to encapsulate beauty into a frame for your pleasure. We received our Schedule 333 FAA Exemption, and Part 107 (Certificate Number 0845477-20170409-00451) further enhancing our companies standards of flight protocol and flight safety; providing you an incomparable service. With the use of our professional aerial photography and cinematography, images are turned into an experience. Contact us today to diversify your view.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing and incredible 2018.  


FAA Part 107 Certificate # 0845477-20170409-00451

FAA Part 107 Certificate # 0845477-20170409-00451

iFlyBigSky uses top-end Drones; DJI Inspire 2, X5S, Mavic Pro & the now the new Mavic Pro2


Aerial Photography & Videography  

Professional Editing

Drone Training

Building & Construction Inspections

Damage Assessment for Insurance

Infrastructure Inspections

Aerial Site Survey

Search & Rescue

Media coverage

All photography provided by iFlyBigSky

Dreams Do Come True..

Dreams Do Come True..